I create vibrant sound-worlds and compose original music

My name is Alex Metcalfe, I’m a Sound Designer and Composer from Toronto, Canada. Welcome to my portfolio!
Here you can see what I’ve done, what I’m doing, and what I want to do.

Steep Re-Sound

This was an exercise in environmental and physics sound design. I removed all of the original sound and rebuilt it from the ground up using material from SoundSnap and my own original library.

Video Source Bibliography:
[IGN]. (2016, June 14). 15 Minutes of Steep Gameplay [Video File]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpt4MwC6bJQ

InTwo: A Game of Hexagons

InTwo is a game I worked on during my time at OCADU with a team of developers from U of T. It’s a two-player coop game where both players have to help each-other get through a maze of hexagon puzzles. I composed the music and designed the sounds for this game, as well as the UI and other various visual elements.

Sound Design: Bad Line Tumult

This is a body of work containing my sound-design compositions completed throughout my studies at Concordia University in Electroacoustics.

Many of the pieces feature bells (a fascination of mine), analog synthesis and digital modular work generated in Max MSP. There is also a recording of a piece called Seventwenty performed live in one of my classes.

Triangular Chordophone

I designed and built a strange two-stringed instrument and wrote a small album with it. Not officially titled, the Triangular Chordophone is a triangular prism strung with a guitar and a bass string. On this record, I mostly bowed the instrument and occasionally plucked. On “Boughs Sinking,” I used an eBow to vibrate the strings to emulate a recording of feedback that I used in the soundscape backing.