I create vibrant sound-worlds and compose original music

My name is Alex Metcalfe, I’m a Sound Designer and Composer from Toronto, Canada. Here you can see what I’ve done and what I’m working on.

Super Animal Royale

I had the pleasure of acting as a Sound Designer of environmental, mechanics-based and more abstract soundscapes for this wonderful battle royale game. Working with Jake Butineau, I ensured speedy delivery and revision of sound assets that helped build up the world of the game.

Get it here: https://animalroyale.com/

Musical Demo Reel

This is a variety of musical and electroacoustic pieces I’ve written.
I’ve spliced them together and drawn a short animatic to play along with it.


InTwo: A Game of Hexagons

InTwo is a game I worked on during my time at OCADU with a team of developers from U of T. It’s a two-player coop game where both players have to help each-other get through a maze of hexagon puzzles. I composed the music and designed the sounds for this game, as well as the UI and other various visual elements.

Triangular Chordophone

I designed and built a strange two-stringed instrument and wrote a small album with it. Not officially titled, the Triangular Chordophone is a triangular prism strung with a guitar and a bass string. On this record, I mostly bowed the instrument and occasionally plucked. On “Boughs Sinking,” I used an eBow to vibrate the strings to emulate a recording of feedback that I used in the soundscape backing.